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Mádi Kör

The purpose of Mádi Kör

To ensure the quality of wines produced by the members of the Mádi Kör. furthermore, the origin protection of the wines based on the requirements of the Mádi Kör’s members. to protect the natural values and landscape. to create the mádi wine as a unique concept aiming to lay the foundation for market success.

Types of the Mád quality and origin protection

  1. községi
  2. dűlő
  3. szőlő

Yield (q/ha)

  • községi wine: 50 q/ha
  • dűlő wine: 40 q/ha
  • szőlő wine: 30 q/ha

Age of the vine

  • községi wine can not be made of younger vine than 6 years old
  • dűlő wine can not be made of younger vine than 8 years old
  • szőlő wine can not be made of younger vine than 10 years old

Specifications for the Mád and mádi dűlő wines

  • 4000 vines per hectare in newly planted vineyard sites;
  • wines with a mád designation of origin may only come from vineyards where the vines are pruned by the
    End of march at the latest, and if such vineyards are weeded or mowed at least twice, and where the grapes
    Are harvested at the right time and are not affected by any fungi or bacteria, except for the fungus
    Botrytis cinerea;
  • vines shall be at least 6 years old;
  • the maximum allowable yield is 7500 kg/ha of healthy, ripe grapes (where there are more than
    4000 vines per hectare, the maximum allowable yield should be calculated by multiplying the above figure by 1.4);
  • varietal wines shall be 100 per cent made from the same grape variety;
  • the allowable grape varieties shall be furmint, hárslevelű and sárga muskotály, as well as any blends thereof
  • the minimum potential alcohol by volume shall be 11 per cent
  • the wine styles may be dry, off-dry, late harvest, szamorodni, aszú and eszencia
  • the maximum allowable yield per hectare for late harvest and szamorodni wines may be half of the weight of grapes at full technological maturity;
  • the maximum allowable yield per hectare for aszú wines may be 20 per cent of the weight of grapes at full technological maturity;
  • 1 kilogram of botrytised grapes can be used to produce a maximum of 1.4 litres of aszú wines;
  • non-traditional wine styles may be released in glass bottles sized at 0.375 litre, 0.5 litre, 0.75 litre or 1.5 litres, as well as any larger glass bottles that comply with international standards;
  • traditional botrytised wine styles may be released in glass bottles sized at 0.375 litre, 0.5 litre and 1.5 litres; the use of unique bottles is subject to permission by the board elect;
  • if released in bottles up to and including 1.5 litres in size, dry and off-dry wines shall come in bottles type “tokaj antik”, with an embossed tokaj lettering, as well as variants of the same with identical proportions;
  • in-house brand names are allowed on the packaging, but names of dűlős [i.e. Single-vineyards] may only be listed on the back label;
  • the maximum allowable font size for the address of the producer on a 0.75-litre bottle shall be 5mm.

Requirements for the mádi dűlő designation of origin

All of the above requirements for the mád designation of origin, plus

  • vines shall be at least 10 years old;
  • a maximum allowable yield of 5000 kg/ha of healthy, ripe grapes;
  • the allowable grape varieties shall be furmint or hárslevelű, with no blending permitted, so all wines
    shall be varietal;
  • dry wines shall be aged in barrels for a minimum of 6 months;
  • the wine styles may be dry, szamorodni, aszú and eszencia;
  • the name of the dűlő [i.e. single-vineyard] shall be in the largest font size on the label; the use of a different brand name is allowed.

Our winery is a member of the Mádi Kör, because our vineyards are on outstanding areas and their locations, planted grape varieties, soils, microclimates allow the creation of high-quality, exciting wines.

Our mantra is ‘quality over quantity’.

Our mission is to create the world’s finest Tokaj wines – to continuously deepen its exceptional savoir-faire and to redefine the perception of hungarian wines over the world. a journey that starts with the inspiring heritage of the terroir and continues to grow with high-end, cutting-edge technology.


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